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Steve McQuown

I began my career at an arts & entertainment marketing firm in Chicago, where I built their digital media service offering from the ground up — creating digital media plans, running digital ad campaigns, and providing social media services for companies like Blue Man Group Chicago, EXPO International Art Fair, The Allstate Arena, and the Auditorium Theatre. I left the agency world (and the arts, temporarily) to join a Minneapolis-based online mental health startup, Learn to Live, in that same capacity and as a generalist as well — being the company’s first full-time employee, my role at that time included pretty much anything that needed to be done, from marketing to B2B client-delivery, to video and animation production, and eventually leading operations, product-development and as an investor as well. Since then, I’ve spent ~5 years as an independent consultant with a focus on digital strategy, website analytics & optimization, and digital advertising. I work with both smaller clients like artists, one-night-only performances, and local small businesses, and I partner with agencies on larger clients like Lettuce Entertain You Restaurants, Blue Plate Catering, Johnny’s Markets, BroadStage in Santa Monica, The Village of Rosemont, Fashion Outlets of Chicago, Teatro Zinzanni, and The Magic Parlour.