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Digital Vitals

Monitor your progress online through tracking key web vitals like site authority, rankings, backlinks and more.

About this DataMain tool:

DataMain’s Digital Vitals tool allows business owners to track their key online business data over time, and to compare their progress against others in their industry. See how your business compares, and identify specific strategies to improve your own site performance over time.

Who is this tool designed for?

DataMain’s Digital Vitals become available in our second tier subscription plan. This data is ideal for any creative business owner who plans to take their online presence seriously. Whereas our My Google Insights package only allows you to view your own 1st party data more succinctly, the Digital Vitals data set brings in third party data to help you understand your business’ place on the web.

Why is this tool so important?

The data points tracked in DataMain’s Digital Vitals package were selected to be broadly applicable for any upstart online business. These core data points can be compared against other sites, and tracked over time. The data paints a fairly comprehensive picture of a website’s general level of quality, reach and authoritativeness.